Warrior Cats

               ThunderClan Camp


 This is were ThunderClan cats can chat and share tounges. The ThunderClan camp is surrounded by a strong bramble wall.



This is were the ThunderClan leader stands to announce important announcments to the clan.

Fersh-kill Pile

This is the fresh-kill pile were cats can leave or get fresh-kill.






Leader's den-

This is were the leader of the clan sleeps. You may talk to the leader here privately if needed.

Medicine Cat's Den

This is were The Medicine cat and the Medicine cat apprentice sleep. If you are sick or injured you should come here right away.

The Herb Storage

This is were the Medicine cat store their herbs.


Poppy Seeds- Makes a cat sleepy and eases pain.

Cobwebs- Used to stop bleeding.

Feverfew- Used to cool fevers and helps with head pain.

Borage Leaves- Helps fevers and is used to help queens produce milk.

Dock Leaves- Very slippery. Is used to smooth scratches and makes a good vomiting surface.

Marigold- Treats infections and is used on wounds and sores.

Horsetail- Treats infected wounds.

Burdock Root- Used to treat infections, especially rat bites.

Chervil Root- Used to treat infections.

Wild Garlic- Roll in this to keep out infection.

Catmint (Catnip)- Used to treat Whitecough and Greencough.

Chickweed- Used to help treat Greencough.

Chervil- Used to treat bellyache.

Tansey- Used to treat coughs.

Thyme- Used to calm a cat.Camomile- Used to calm a cat.

Dandelion Leaves- Used to calm a cat.

Juniper Berries- Used to treat bellyache.

Watermint- Used to treat bellyache.

Daisy Leaves- Used to treat aching joints.

Goldenrod- Used in a poultice to treat aching joints and stiffness and can also be used for severe injuries.

Ragwort Leaves- Used along side Juniper Berries in a poultice to treat aching joints.

Comfrey- Used to treat broken bones.

Nettle Leaves- Used to treat swelling.

Celadine- Used to treat ailments of the eye.

Nettle Seeds- Used to counter poison.

Honey- Used to treat sore throats.

Mouse Bile- Used to remove ticks from a cats coat.

Yarrow- Used to make a cat vomit and expels poisons from the body.

The Warrior's Den

 This is were the warriors sleeep. It is located around a large bunch of ferns and is very warm inside.

Apprenitce's Den

This is were the apprentices sleep. Its is surrounded by leaves and trees.

 Small Cave
The Nursery

This is were the Queens nursing or expecting kits sleep. The den is located under a large strong tree.

Elder's Den

This is were the elders sleep. It it located under a log.

Burial Grounds

This is is the Burial Grounds located a little ways from the camp. This were deascesed cats are taken by the elders after their vigal.


                 ThunderClan Territory

This is the ThunderClan Territory. In this territory there is The Sandy Hollow, Sunningrocks, Snakerocks, Tallpines, the Owl Tree, the Thunderpath, and the Stepping Stones to RiverClan.

The Sandy Hollow

This is where ThunderClan cats and their apprentices train. The forest floor here is covered in sand.



This is where many ThunderClan cats love to bask in the sun. The Sunning Rocks have been fought over by RiverClan and ThunderClan for many moons and has a lot of past. Some prey may be found here.



This is the SnakeRocks where snakes rome making it hard to find prey here. Be very careful here some cats have died.



Here is some woods that owls prefer. They may be hunted with GREAT skill but usally are hard to catch and also catch mice here so it might be a bit difficult to hunt here.




Here is a great place to hunt with lots of prey and with no Owls and Snakes.



This is the boundry between ThunderClan and ShadowClan. Be very carful here monsters usally pass by here and the air here is full of their awful smell.



Here is the boundry that marks ThunderClan and RiverClan. Some cats that know how fish here but there is very little prey here. Some times after the rain the rocks become slippery so becareful.