Warrior Cats


StarClan list-


(There is currently no deceased Leaders)

Deceased Deputys-

(There is currently no Deceased Deputys)

Deceased Medicine Cats-

(There is currently no deceased Medicine cats)

Deceased Warriors-

(There is currently no deceased Warriors)

Deceased Apprentice-

(There is currently no deceased Apprentices)

Deceased Kits-


Description- Blue/black tom with Black eyes.


Parents- Bone and Ghost

Littermates- Raven Spirit Whisper

Deceased Queens-

(There is currently no desceased Queens)


Moonstone tunnel

This is a special tunnel that gradually gets narrow, cold and, old. Its lead to the Moon Stone. 

 Old Tunnel

The Moon Stone Chamber

The chamber holding the Moonstone can only be accessed by one narrow passageway leading to the outside... The sunlight... At midnight, when the moon is high in the sky, light shines down the hole in the roof in a single beam, lighting the Moonstone and making it sparkle. The light doesn't reach far, and only illuminates the rocks close by. If you touch your nose to the stone you can visit StarClan.